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Case Study: Kinder Care – The Journey to Becoming Latin Ready



KinderCare Learning Centers (KC) engaged Latin2Latin (L2L) to raise its awareness within the Latino community. L2L developed a comprehensive marketing communications strategy, which began with a deep dive of the organization to assess its level of Latin Readiness™.


L2L utilized its proprietary Latin Ready Assessment™ (LRA) tool and :

  • Conducted a total of 25 stakeholders and center director interviews.
  • Analyzed results of the internal reviews coupled with results of a detailed external (competitive) review via agency’s proprietary Latin Ready Assessment™ tool.
  • Identified key milestones and action items that would lay the foundation for KC’s Latin Readiness™ both internally and externally.

L2L conducted quantitative research  among Latina moms to:

  • Understand the attitudes, practices, sensibilities, childcare preferences and awareness level of KC among Latina moms with children ages 0 to 5 in LA, Chicago and Northern NJ.


Based on our learnings from the LRA, L2L turned KC’s areas of improvement into opportunities by:

  • Developing a Multicultural-Latino plan .
  • Producing / transcreating KC’s Fall Open House radio promotion as well as an of KC materials.
  • Developing a KC Latin Ready Taskforce™.
  • Aligning KC with key Latinos organizations and inviting them to government-related events to generate awareness/explore partnerships.
  • Meeting with KU’s general market PR agency for collaboration .
  • Keeping KC apprised of Latino trends/studies related to Education.
  • Evaluating CRC/Customer Care’s process to recommend ways to close the communication gap with Latinos.