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Case Study: Mount Sinai Medical Center – ¡A tu salud!

Health/Mount Sinai Medical Center/ ¡A tu salud!


The Mount Sinai Hospital NY wanted to:

  • Further its position as a health & wellness advocate for NY Latinos
  • Reinforce it’s prominence as a leading medical institution
  • Showcase its cultural and emotional understanding of their Latino patient population
  • Feature the hospital as a center of excellence


  • Mount Sinai applied its medical expertise to the TV screen, creating ¡A tu salud!, the first health and wellness TV series for Latinos created by the hospital.
  • 13 half hour episodes which spotlight the key health problems affecting the Latino community and teaches viewers how to overcome illness and take charge of their health through inspirational, informative and uplifting stories .
  • The series provided key information on health topics most affecting Latinos via culturally relevant and easy to understand segments on cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and HIV/Aids, among others .
  • The series was promoted on-line via news segments and promo spots and off-line via a comprehensive communications and community outreach plan which included microsites, radios spots, online banners, print ads and public relations outreach.


  • Dramatically increased ratings for traditionally paid programming time slot
  • Minute by minute analysis shows once viewers tune-in, they stay tuned-in
  • Competitors have had to change programming alternatives during time slot
  • Great interest by media with story placements & interviews with physicians
  • Positive trending for online (microsites) & social media activity
  • PSAs filled commercial time, maximizing resources offered to the audience
  • Appointments registered through the call-in # increased progressively
  • Substantial added-value from media vehicles
  • Trade experts and key stakeholders refer to show as an innovative product that hasn’t been seen before and sorely lacking in Spanish language TV