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         Latin Ready Assessment ®

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                                                  Are You Ready to Capture Your Fair Share of the Rapidly Growing Latino Market?

                                                                                Latin2Latin’s Latin Ready Assessment ® is Step 1!

Latin2Latin Marketing + Communications’ revolutionary, proprietary online tool, the Latin Ready Assessment® (LRA), is a volume growth and ROI tool that helps organizations develop a  “go to market” plan to meet the needs of the rapidly growing Latino market and other Multicultural segments.

How Does The Latin Ready Assessment®


Employees from various divisions across the organization–executive level to frontline staff–take a quantitative and qualitative assessment using L2L’s proprietary online tool that gauges internal perceptions and readiness to engage with their Latino consumers.

Using the LRA’s proprietary algorithm, a quantitative score is plotted on the Latin Ready™Spectrum, to identify the organization’s current operational, financial and emotional readiness against those that employ best-in-market practices and, most importantly, delineate the specific opportunities that should be implemented in order to grow and generate new revenue opportunities.

A detailed analysis including the organization’s Latino DNA, key observations, and specific marketing communications plan with revenue are developed for the client.

          What is Included in Your Latin Ready Assessment ®?

           Ramp up session with L2L to explain the tool, goals and expectations

        Online Assessment (for up to 25 participants)

        In-depth interviews with up to 5 executives and/or stakeholders

        Quantitative score plotted on Latin Ready™ Spectrum

   Development of Strategic Go-To-Market plan

    Presentation of Plan to the organization.


    Stages of Latin Readiness



To learn more information about the LRA and set up a time to see some case studies of organizations that have benefitted from it, contact L2L at:

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