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Maria Paz Echevarria, Media Services Director

Maria Paz Echevarria

At first, this Chilean-born and Texas A & M graduate dreamed of being an architect. But a fateful meeting with an advertiser with a passion for the Latin market, would turn her blueprints into media plans at a booming Dallas agency. Paz soon discovered that her Latin roots, love of numbers and creativity was a formula that won her accolades from top media executives. She has led numerous successful national and local plans and negotiated for many blue-chip clients such as State Farm Insurance, Colgate-Palmolive, McDonald’s, MCI WorldCom, Nestlé, Johnson & Johnson, Volkswagen and Sears, among others in the U.S. and Latin America. But it was her non-conformist attitude that helped her build a media philosophy that exudes creativity and challenges the conventional.

On a Personal Note…

Book that is on your night table:
Any sexy romance novel, I read at least 2 weekly.  My favorite is Fifty Shades of Grey.

Favorite quote:
“Bueno, bonito y barato”
A quote I heavily use during my many negotiations.

Culinary Weakness:
Donuts, partial to glazed or apple fritters. Not a fan of chocolate.

Favorite Pastime:
Reading sexy romance novels or lazy Sundays laying in bed watching HGTV’s Fixer Upper.

Best Childhood Memory:
A family driving trip from Punta Arenas to Vina Del Mar (nearly 2000 miles).  All 6 kids slept in our big orange “Traveller” car, rarely in hotels, and we sang and laughed for the whole 2 weeks it took us to get there.

Favorite Musicians:
Chayanne, Chayanne, Chayanne! If I have to add more I would say Pitbull and Marc Anthony.

A life Lesson:
“Ask and you shall receive”
Since I do negotiations day-in and day-out it comes in handy as the sky is always my limit.