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TORONTO, ON–(October 03, 2017) – Service Finance’s COO Ian Berch spearheaded efforts to support Hurricane Maria relief efforts by partnering with Chartright Air Group and Latin2Latin Marketing to charter a plane filled with supplies for Puerto Rico.

The decision was fueled by letters from employees asking for help for their loved ones living in Puerto Rico and suffering in the wake of the hurricane.

“The devastation in Puerto Rico is beyond comprehensible and to see firsthand how it has affected so many of our valued employees and their families hits close to home,” said Ian Berch, COO of Service Finance. “We are thrilled to be able to do all that we can to help and look forward to continuing to support the wonderful people of Puerto Rico.”

The plane was sent on September 29, 2017 and included water, food, personal hygiene items, pet food and diapers, among other items.

Sample employee letters received by Service Finance included the following:

“I am devastated. My home country is destroyed… We get messages from our loved ones all day, everyday asking for help. All of them have the same needs for water, food, money, batteries, mosquito repellent, milk, baby food and pampers for babies & adults. Gas and diesel has become the new gold and other necessities will soon be the priority. Personally, I have my brother that with a broken voice tried to explain to me what has happened, who asked for batteries, duct tape and money. I have my daughter who doesn’t have much food left and she can’t sleep between the heat, the mosquitoes and the smell of back sewage that is accumulated on the streets. All she cries for is to be by my side as soon as possible. It breaks my heart. I have not been able to contact my cousins who live on the east side of Puerto Rico. It’s hard to describe one situation since everyone is on the same boat. My fear is that the desperation will set chaos of massive proportions. We need help now!” – Beatriz Aponte, a Consumer Credit Center Representative at Service Finance Company, LLC.

“The communications infrastructure in Puerto Rico has been destroyed. In the little communications I have had with them my family informed me that there is virtually no power in the island, fuel is very hard to come by and supplies to include water and food are running out. I have only been able to communicate with 3 family members and they are in good health and spirits. However I have not been able to communicate with about 15 to 20 of my closest family members to this date.” – David Rodriguez, Consumer Credit Center Representative at Service Finance Company, LLC.

“We have family living in Puerto Rico that is currently being affected by the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. They have very little supplies, no electricity, and are waiting for help. Due to no electricity and damage to the community almost everything is closed. They are seeking fresh water, batteries, gasoline and first aid. My mother-in-law has said so many people are now homeless and with the heat and humidity it makes it even harder.” – Shonda Irizarry, Administrative Servicing Assistant at Service Finance Company, LLC.

“Since the hurricane passed through, my heart has been broken because my family in Puerto Rico has been going through many problems. My daughter lost all her belongings because the river entered her apartment. She cannot live there anymore as it is sinking. There is no gas or food and there are days when all she has to eat is a can of sausages. She works on a call center in Puerto Rico and they don’t have diesel to run the generator. My son is in the same situation and I am trying to see how I can help him.

My other daughter and my three grandchildren at this time do not have anything to eat because supermarkets do not have baby food, diapers or water. My grandchildren suffer from asthma and are sick and my daughter has no energy in the house to give them their therapies. My mother-in-law also suffers from asthma and still has no energy in her house.” – Elizabeth Ramos, Consumer Credit Center Representative at Service Finance Company, LLC.

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